12 Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals

When a child opens a gift and says “Oh, wow! Thanks!” you know that you’ve succeeded. Achieving that simple pleasure, however, takes some effort. You’ll want to consider the child’s opinions and tastes during your quest for the perfect gift. If a kid likes pets or wildlife, you’ll have an advantage because you’ll get to focus on gifts for kids who love animals.

Animal Theme Gifts for Children

Even if a family can’t accommodate a pet in the home, you can still delight a kid with gifts inspired by the animal world. 

1. Bedroom Decorations – Many blankets, curtains, posters, pillows, and lamps are designed to appeal to animal loving children. If the child likes a specific animal, like penguins, tigers, or elephants, this will help to narrow your search. Pillows that have the shape of animals are especially popular because the child can snuggle with the animal, even if it’s turtle.

2. Picture Calendars – Whether the child likes horse or seahorses, you can find a calendar based on any animal. Or you could choose one that features a different animal every month. The child will get to enjoy a fresh full-color image every month for a year.

3. Plush Toys and Animal Figures – Some kids really revel in their stuffed animal collections. Try to find out which stuffed animal is needed to complete a collection and buy that one. Similarly, plastic figurines offer plenty of opportunities for creative play and display on a shelf.

4. Craft Projects – Most children enjoy doing things with their hands. Many craft kits are designed to appeal to kids who love animals. They can work with yarn, wood, paint, beads, and more.

5. DVDs or Blu-rays – Hollywood knows that kids like animals and a large selection of classic and contemporary animated or live-action movies are available. Classics like “Babe,” “Charlotte’s Web,” and “Homeward Bound” still impress many kids. If you think something new would be better, look for titles like “Max” or “The Secret Life of Pets.”

6. Animal Books – Young readers have abundant fiction and nonfiction choices. Classics like “Call of the Wild,” “Black Beauty,” and “Watership Down” will draw children into fictional animal worlds. True life inspires other titles like “All Creatures Great and Small” and “Marley and Me.” When a kid has an interest in a particular type of wild animal, you could buy a book that focuses on that species. Kids hoping to get a pet might benefit from a book about taking care of a pet. Young readers might also appreciate a magazine subscription instead of a single book. Animal magazines like “Ranger Rick,” “National Geographic Kids,” and “Zoo Books” will provide animal stories for a whole year.

7. Clothing and Accessories – A lion T-shirt, winter hat that looks like a puppy, or kitten earrings all have the potential to please an animal loving child. If the kid that you’re shopping for likes to express his or her personality through the wardrobe, then animal theme clothes will be welcomed.

Pet Gifts for Children

When a family approves of pets, these gifts will allow kids to get directly involved with animal care.

8. Fish Aquarium – Small tanks of only 2 or 3 gallons are readily available. The kits include the air pump, filter, and gravel so that a child can set up a habitat. Add a little fish food to the package, and the child will be ready to pick out a goldfish or some tetras.

9. Terrarium – Land-based animals like small chameleons, hermit crabs, frogs, toads, or salamanders are easy to set up in a kid’s room. A child will gain knowledge about maintaining a habitat and enjoy observing a unique little creature.

10. Pet Accessories – A kid who already has a dog or cat will appreciate getting a new collar or leash. More good ideas for gifts include pet toys or a new pet bed. You might want to buy a pet store gift card that will let the child pick out the items.

11. Pet Treat Recipe Kit – Online and offline, you’ll find easy-to-use kits that include ingredients and recipes for dog or cat treats. The recipient will get to have fun cooking goodies and feeding them to pets.

Experiences Instead of Products

Sometimes the best gifts take kids to new places. These gift ideas will give a child a chance to engage directly with animals. 

12. Plan an Outing – Buy the child a ticket to visit a local zoo, petting zoo, hobby farm, or animal sanctuary. These places are educational and will allow the kid to see and touch some animals, like alpacas, horses, or even a snake. ===> Click here to have the trip guide.

Children have a natural appreciation for the animals that share our world. Hopefully, this list of gifts for kids will help you find the perfect present and build a child’s connection with nature.

12 Best Gifts for Kids Who Love Animals
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