Top Educational Toys That Parents Should Buy For Their Kids

There are top educational toys available out there. Your job, as a parent, is to get the best one for your kids to have both fun and education at the same time.


Toys don’t have to be senseless. Remember the old day when we were kids, the majority of toys we used to have didn’t really provide a lot of educational value. They focused more on being entertaining, instead. However, modern technology has allowed toys to be both entertaining and educative at the same time. There are top educational toys for kids available out there, and that is the great news for our children!

When every parent would want their kids to ace continuously in class and become little prodigies and geniuses in the making, you probably want to get your little ones the best thing you could.

What’re Educational Toys?

What is considered to be an “educational” toy? Well, educational toys for kids are funny objects that kids – even with their hyperactivity and slow attention spans – wouldn’t mind spending their time with. At the same time, the toy must give the child playing around with it mental and cognitive stimulation, not just being entertaining overall.

There are plenty of studies showed how beneficial this type of toy is to the development of a child’s brain. Giving your kids one of these and encouraging them to play with is a good way to ensure that their mind would be in the best shape possible for their age, and better, even!

With that said, let’s get to the list.

Top Educational Toys That You Would Love to Buy for Your Kids


  • LEGO Brand Sets


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LEGO is among the most popular toy sets out there. While talking about educational toys, most people would immediately think of this construction toy first.

The benefits of playing with LEGO has been researched for years and proven to be an extremely potent stimulant to children’s intellectuality growth. LEGO itself is fun to play around with, and with some helps from you on an understanding of what to do with instructions, one set of LEGO can keep your children occupied for hours. Furthermore, LEGO building can also be the basis for a pretty good family bonding event.

LEGO is available in various sets, with different themes. You and your kids will have a pretty good time browsing through the wide selections to pick the first set to build.


  • Stomp Rocket’s Kit

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The Stomp Rocket’s kit would set your kid up in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) field early. The kit consists of a launch pad and a few ‘Rockets’ that can be launched into the air by pumping air into the launcher, building up the pressure, and release it to fling the ‘rocket’ into the air.

It is a cool physics demo, and it is undeniably an exciting toy to play with either in your backyard or the park. While the A to Z of pressure is probably too complex for your kids to comprehend, the kit would be able to teach them the basics and maybe spark a fire for science in them in the process.


  • Quercetti 3-D Techno Activity Set


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While the Quercetti set might not be comprehensive enough to appeal to older kids (8+), the set would be quite perfect to give to your toddler, up to five years old. The set is colorful enough to entice them to play around with the materials, but at the same time, it is not too complicated for them to grasp what to do.

The value your kid can get out of this is a basic understanding of simple pieces and materials such as bolts and screws. Better motor skill (putting bolts and screws together to make shapes is pretty intensive), and a developed sense of creativity. Since the possible combinations and shapes that your kids can make with the boards and tools are virtually endless, the set can bring about their creativity and handiness well.


  • Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 Electronics Discovery Kit


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Most toys on this list have been talking about engineering, physics, and creativity so far. Now it’s time to get a little bit more electrifying!

The Snap Circuits Jr. SC-100 kit is a tiny electronic workshop that would give your older kids (From 2nd Grade and up) the ability to assemble their own working circuit board. Moreover, the kit also has several different components that will allow the kids to create several projects out of them (a working light, volume-adjustable siren, photosensor, etc.) to improve practicality.

The project combination is up to 100 different ones that can be assembled through more than 30 snap-on parts that kids can use.

Moreover, this kit can be the prologue to something more for your kids when the future market will surely be on the lookout for people who are tech-savvy.


  • Scientific Explorer My First Mind Blowing Science Kit


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The last on our list of top education toys would be an exciting kit that adults who have grown up on “Bill Nye – the Science Guy” would’ve wished of having one.

The Scientific Explorer kit is an entire chemical laboratory compacted into a single box. Completed with several types of safe chemicals and instructions that would allow your children to create interesting phenomenon to introduce them to chemistry. In addition to the chemicals themselves, the kit also contains instruments such as vials, cups, sticks, measuring scoop, etc. Lastly, there is a guidebook to lead you and your children through the activities.

Technically common chemicals that can easily be found in the kitchen that would pose no threats to the health of your children. It is still recommended that you supervise them carefully so that they do not ingest them while playing with.

But with a bit tinkering and a few mixes, they can create enough magic that would dazzle them with the brilliance of chemistry.


Top educational toys are the way forward if you want your children to be evenly developed both physically and mentally. As you can see, they don’t have to be boring, and you might even find yourself enjoying them along with your kids as well!

Top Educational Toys That Parents Should Buy For Their Kids
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