TIPS For Kid Learning Toys

Looking for tips about learning toys for children from 1 year, two years and three years? It is not an easy task to choose suitable and fun toys for children, for a birthday or Christmas. The offer is substantial nowadays. People soon see the forest for the trees. The following list of toys helps you to choose suitable options for children from 1 to 3 years.

Toys for children of 1 year

Babies of this age are always on the move, exploring the environment. They are on the threshold to become full-fledged toddlers. The following toys give babies the chance to lose their energy and learn some new skills.

  • Busy Ball Popper

This toy is suitable from 9 months. Thanks to the air pressure generated by the child, the colorful balls run through a transparent tube. From the fountain, the balls come out, and through the slide, they roll back into the bowl. The device gives sound and music. They are for sale in different versions.

  • Brio My First Train Track

Almost all boys find a train track fascinating. They can be happy with it for a long time. Brio makes good quality wooden children’s toys. The toy not only provides hours of fun, but it also lasts for generations!


  • The big Kimiobook for the little ones

Kimio publishes twenty years and has made a selection of stories, verses, songs and viewing records from the books of this period and published them in a solid collection of 240 pages. It deals with many different topics from the daily life of the toddler (but also older children). This offer countless possibilities for use; not only reading aloud but also singing, looking, searching and imitating songs.

Toys for boys and girls aged two years

Two-year-olds never sit still, are always on the move, and they learn new skills every day. Good toys for toddlers have educational value, or stimulate them in using their imagination, and teach them new skills such as motor skills. The toddler has control over his body during this period. He dances, rolls, clamps, climbs, jumps and frolics. It learns all sorts of new activities, such as pointing out simple pictures in a booklet, stringing beads, inserting shapes, doing simple puzzles, getting undressed, building multiple blocks and learning how to cycle on a tricycle, standing on one leg and crouching. They can repeat these activities endlessly. Your child can learn to ride a bicycle and stand on one leg


  • Motor development, gross motor skills

Rijkaard on wheels; rocking horse; doll carriage; seesaw, swing, and slide; cars, dump trucks, crane trucks, tractors with trailers; tricycles, bicycles; bucket and shovel; sweeper and can.

Motor development, fine motor skills

Simple puzzles or inserts (simple shapes, not too many pieces); paper, colored pencils, crayons, finger paints, markers, scotch-tipped scissors, watercolor, brush, sticky figures, glue, stickers, clay; box in which several corresponding shapes can be inserted through holes in the lid (forming oven); unbreakable crockery; stuff for in the sandbox; wooden coffee maker with accessories, wooden mini workbench with accessories; Duplo blocks.


  • Intellectual development (language and thinking)

Reading and picture books (solid cardboard picture books with animal representations or situations from daily life); music; insert puzzles, mold stalk; dismountable toys; construction games based on assembly; Duplo blocks; a children’s laptop (learning computer).


  • Social and emotional development

Booklets; doll bed with sheets and blankets; little puppet and figurines of, for example, Duplo or playmobile; dress up set; kitchen with accessories (oven, stove, dining table, dishes, cutlery, pots, pans, cups, etc.); kitchen and baking set; doll bed with blankets and blankets and a doll carriage; shop with accessories; garage with tools.


  • Fisher-Price Music truck

This truck full of exciting activities, fun sounds, and music for the toddler! Included is a separate car that fits in the back of the box. The truck has one sturdy and handy handle. When the truck moves forward by the child, the car starts to rock, and the many light and sound effects are activated. If the toddler presses on the spoiler, the car will roll out. Press the illuminated outlet to hear sweet songs and sound effects. Furthermore, there is a large turntable on the roof of the truck.


Three years is a milestone

On the road to adulthood, three years is a real milestone. Boys and girls of 3 years become a real person. Once they learn the language, they can express their feelings and have a real conversation with you, even with people they do not know, and on the phone, with people, they cannot see. They develop a lot of self-confidence with how they deal with the world, but they still ask a million ‘why ask’ because they have an idea of what they do not know and what they want to learn.


  • Building and messing around

Encourage the toddler to build complicated and complex structures of (duplicate) blocks. That is good for the hand muscles and the development of eye tooth coordination. Viewing pictures is essential for language development. Create your sitting and working corner for the toddler where he can scratch, scratch, cut, concentrated, 

Toys for children aged three years

Good news! Three-year-olds are relatively easy to please when it comes to toys. The inquisitive toddler is full of energy. He likes wild, exciting games where he can lose his strength. Toddlers also start the behavior of others to imitate, such as homework and household activities. They like to play ‘pretend’ games, and they enjoy making things themselves and playing together. Board games such as memory and quartet and puzzles are therefore always good.

  • Miffy Sleep Trainer

With the Miffy Sleep Trainer, the child learns playfully when he can get out of bed. When Miffy has her eyes closed, the child must stay in bed! And if the eyes are open, he may leave!

  • Doll carriage Quinny

The very large dolls wagons from Quinny are suitable for children from 3 years. The little doll mother can walk to the heart’s content with the doll in the stroller. The doll trolleys from Quinny have a sturdy metal frame. Also be they are very maneuverable due to the swivel wheels at the front. In the seats, dolls fit a length of 42 cm, so also the favorite Baby Born. These doll trolleys guarantee hours of fun!


  • Shop- kitchen and doctor’s toys

It can be fun when your kid plays like a doctor. Or have your kitchen, where you can prepare all sorts of meals and then let others eat?

TIPS For Kid Learning Toys
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