Buying Guide: Good Toys For Kids By Categories

Toys seem to always make it to parents’ buying lists. They have one thing in common: particularly useful for the overall development of a child. On the today market, there is a wide range of options when it comes to buying toys for kids, which is definitely good. But it might make lots of parents confused when they don’t know which kits they should choose for their kids.

Below is a list of good toys for kids with carefully selected categories that all parents should take a look.

Good Toys for Kids by Categories

Construction Toy

Construction toys have been around since the 18th century and have helped spark an engineering interest in many young boys and girls. They are unarguably good toys for kids of any ages. Let’s take a look at three popular building sets as of 2018.

Magna Tiles

As suggested by the name, Magna Tiles are tiles that can be connected to each other using magnetic principles. These tiles have become very popular because they have vibrant colors and their working mechanism offers a new experience compared to normal building blocks.

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Magna Tiles are used widely in schools around the world to teach children about shapes and colors. The tiles come in a variety of shapes, all of which familiarize children with mathematics. When children play with the tiles, they discover concepts of symmetry and shape categorization. Their diverse colors not only add fun to games but also teach children many shades of life around them.

Fine motor skills are greatly enhanced by the task of putting pieces together. Moreover, children can raise their spatial awareness by building 3D structures. They can also learn the basic principles of a magnet. And lastly, they can learn the importance of creativity and patience in everything they do.

VIAHART Brain Flakes

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The “flakes” are actually interlocking plastic discs, enabling children to create sophisticated and magnificent structures. Children don’t stack blocks on top of each other, but rather locking the discs together. This task requires fine motor skills, imagination, spatial awareness and problem solving.

Marble Run

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Marble Run is a set of straight or curved tracks and accessories used to build a path for the marbles to run through. It’s like constructing your own slide, but this slide is pretty complex with intricate details that would take the marbles for a ride.

There are different sets of Marble Run, each allowing players to create unique routes. This game requires a lot of creativity and problem solving.

STEM toys

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education has always played an important role in the child development. It prepares kids the knowledge and skills they need to be global citizens.


This toy helps kids get a sense of what coding is like. It’s among the best educational toys for preschoolers. It consists of a motorized head and several separate segments which can be assembled in different ways to guide the caterpillar. To be more specific, there is a segment with a straight arrow, another one with a left curve arrow, one with a right curve arrow, one with a turn-around arrow, one with the power button, and the last one with the music symbol.

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If a child puts the segment with the straight arrow first, then the segment with the left turn arrow, the caterpillar will go straight ahead first, then turn left. There are about 8 to 15 segments depending on different toy sets. Once put together, the segments are considered a sequence of instructions (or codes) that guide the caterpillar to a certain place.

For the caterpillar to stop at a specific target, children need some problem solving skills. They have to plan everything in their head using their spatial reasoning. Then they need to try and fail to succeed and learn. This is at the heart of STEM learning principles.

Crime Catchers Spy Science Kit

This kit takes children’s learning toys to a whole new level by involving young players at 8 years old and above in a challenging journey to solve mysteries.

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The activities mimic the real-life process of how detectives solve crimes. This makes children feel like they are little Sherlock Holmes. To succeed, they have to follow clues, gather evidence, match fingerprints, decode secret messages and experiment with real safe powders. It is the experiments that help children learn more about basic science. They will feel like they are true chemists in a crime laboratory.

The whole kit includes a top secret envelope for adults to help, baking soda, markers, citric acid, flour, suspect cards, ph strips, filters, cups, bags, decoder, cylinder, test tube, cap, painting and much more.

Arts Toys

We have discussed science toys quite a lot. Now it’s the time for art toys. Good toys for kids are not all about logical reasoning, but they’re also about bringing out the artistic side of children as well.


With IlluStory, children at 6 years old and above will be able to write, illustrate and publish their own books.

The kit provides templates that guide children through stages of writing a story. For example, you will find a template for the “About the author” page, for the beginning of the story page and so on. These templates are there to give children an idea of what they should do. It’s all up to the little writers to come up with a plot, write the lines and draw their illustrations.

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IlluStory includes 10 washable markers and a guide to planning a perfect story. This guide teaches children to develop a story plot, use appropriate words and punctuation.

What’s more, children can send their works to the manufacturer. About a month later, their stories will be returned in the form of standard hardcover books. This is a great reward at the end of the writing process. Not many toys on the market offer this service.

Musical Band

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Sometimes good toys for kids don’t have to be entirely new concepts or inventions. They can be classic drum sets like Musical Band. These drum sets are suitable for players as little as 3 years old. They definitely help preschoolers refine their motor skills. Plus, they give children a sense of beats and music. Playing drums is a fantastic early step for future musical development.

As we’re browsing every toy website online and visiting major toy stores in search of good toys for kids, it’s important to remember that variety is crucial. Every child deserves to have diverse experiences playing with construction toys, STEM toys and arts toy to fully express themselves.

Buying Guide: Good Toys For Kids By Categories
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