Top 9 Best Robot Dinosaur Toys for Kids

Dinosaurs! These ancient beasts have long been the favourite toys of many kids, and doubtlessly, this still holds true even today. Despite being a thing of the past, their attractiveness remains unchanged over time.

There are many models of dinosaur toys out there with different price ranges and various nifty abilities. For that reason, it may be a little bit confusing to choose the perfect gift. So, we’re here to help you with the roundup of best robot dinosaur toys that your kids would love to have.

1. Zoomer Dino by Spin Master

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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The Zoomer Dino dinosaur – whose name turns out to be Boomer – looks rather peculiar. He is actually a T-Rex painted in bright colors that would strike your child’s eyes, but instead of having little legs for walking, he boasts a set of wheels for movements.

While he looks slightly precarious when entirely standing on a pair of wheels, the True Balance Technology allows him to stand perfectly balanced. Those wheels can be controlled using a remote controller (control pod).

Besides being able to roll around the house, Boomer can do a couple of tricks that would entice your child’s easily distracted mind for some time. Thanks to a couple of sensors, he can show a range of emotions if faced with specific outputs. For example, angry when you pull his tail, or chomping, roaring, etc.

Furthermore, Boomer’s eyes can change colors depending on his moods, making him an amusing and smart toy at the same time. With a little bit teaching involved, he can be a starter to teach your kid prehistory and obviously one of the best dinosaur toys your kids should have.


  • Bright, vibrant colors
  • Realistic, T-Rex shape and design
  • Can be taught a few tricks
  • Can be remotely controlled
  • Shows an array of moods


  • Doesn’t run well on hardwood floors
  • A limited amount of tricks

2. Zoomer Dino, Jurassic world INDOMINUS REX-Collectible Robotic Edition

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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This T-Rex dino robot looks far more aggressive and scarier than the Boomer. He boasts a grey, scaly, spiny appearance that would put him in the rank of realistic dino toys.

Like the Boomer, INDOMINUS is perched upon the same pair of wheels that made up his legs. However, he seems to have a bit trouble balancing on those two ‘feet’. This was shown in the reports of many customers who had troubles with INDOMINUS falling on his face.

But that doesn’t change the fun INDOMINUS offers, although such fun is more suitable for pre-schoolers than toddlers. Much like Boomer, INDOMINUS can also be controlled through a control pod. Besides, the built-in speakers allow lifelike roars to be emitted from the fearsome.

On ‘Attack’ mode, INDOMINUS likes to attack things, just like the evil beast he is. Moreover, two IR sensors in his eyes can sense your kids’ presence, so it is nearly impossible to escape from his onslaughts once your kids’ angered him by waving their hands in front of his face. INDOMINUS would then proceed to chomp everything he could see.

On ‘Patrol’ mode, INDOMINUS would roam his surrounding, looking for possible preys to feast on – and this can be a very interesting sight to behold.


  • Photorealistic design
  • IR sensors allow for gesture-based control
  • Great ‘Patrol’ and ‘Attack’ mode
  • Remotely controlled
  • Realistic sound


  • Can have troubles staying on its feet
  • Might not suitable for kids under 4 years old


3. Zoomer Dino, Jester Interactive Dinosaur

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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Jester is quite different from his peers. While the Boomer takes up a more approachable appearance, the INDOMINUS looks aggressive and loves patrolling around the house, Jester – much like his name – is quite humorous.

Jester has the vibrant color scheme of Boomer, despite being slightly brighter to reflect his hilarious nature. Just like the rest of Zoomer Dino T-Rex toys, he has wheels for feet which can be remotely controlled using a control pod.

Of course, Jester is interactive. The most of his smartness came from IR sensors mounted on the nose, which allow him to do some fun things, such as sniffing and sensing movements. Or by pulling his tail, you can even make him fart.

Jester loves fun, so instead of killing things, he’d rather dance and make your kids laugh by chasing his own tail instead. But that doesn’t mean he doesn’t get cranky, and once he does, he’d spin, roar and bite anything in the vicinity.


  • Lovely, funny appearance
  • Performs hilarious jokes
  • IR sensors built into the nose section
  • Can be remotely controlled


  • Bad battery capacity (only lasts for 20 minutes)
  • Long charge time (at least 30 minutes)


4. Zoomer Chomplingz – Hyjinx Interactive Dinosaur

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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Moving away from the interactive dinosaur toys, the Zoomer Chomplingz series wished to emulate the absolute chaos of taking care of a dino’s hatchling would be.

Unlike above products whose feet on large wheels, Chomplingz carries littles wheels under his photorealistic feet. This, unfortunately, would not make him look very good while moving as the legs won’t move on their own, but it’s a good thing that he can move in the first place.

Much like the Zoomer dinosaur toy set, Chomplingz can play around and do several tricks for your kid’s amusement, from giggling, roaring to biting. He also has a bone as an accessory that your kid can toy around with. He can sense whether the bone is in his mouth or not so that he can catch it up and gather it into his waiting maw.

Overall, Chomplingz is a great dino that can play multiple interactive games, and it performs them very smoothly.


  • Nice color and design
  • Can do several tricks
  • Comes with a bone accessory
  • Affordable price


  • The legs don’t really move, making him looks quite awkward whenever he tries to wheel around the place.
  • Not made for kids under 5 years old


5. Zoomer Chomplingz Red Dinosaur Brute Exclusive

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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In contrast to Hyjinx which looks menacing with the dark and green color scheme, Brute – just like its name – is designed to reflect the power and a bit of evilness in every single bite. He has red skin, spiny armored plates on the tail and on top of the head.

While Hyjinx comes with a bone as an accessory, Brute has his own mace to play fetch with your kid. Although he won’t kill anybody made of plastic, he makes a point that he’s a far more powerful force to be reckoned with aside from his tiny stature.

Being full of bite, Brute is always up for changing his eyes’ colors to surprise the kid. Simply push him along a surface and he’ll sound hysterical roars while chomping down over and over.


  • Attractive look
  • Interactive
  • Comes with a mace accessory


  • His walks are clunky and slow.
  • Not made for kids under 5 years old


6. LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 Dinosaur Toy

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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LEGO is probably the world’s most famous type of toys. And what’s about a dinosaur in the form of LEGO pieces? I’m sure your kids will love it at first glance.

Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 is a 3-in-1 toy set, comprising of 174 pieces. Depending on different ways of assembly, it can be a T-Rex, a Pterodactyl or a Triceratops. Another bonus is a rib cage that testifies for the ferociousness of the T-Rex after it has slain a prey.

The T-Rex has a dark-green color scheme with sharp teeth and big claws, while the Triceratops and Pterodactyl look much more friendly. But all of them have movable joints that would give your kid the ability to pose them in several different ways.

Mighty Dinosaurs 31058 won’t take the cake for being photorealistic, but it would be so fun to rebuild over and over again. For that reason, it’s surely a great dinosaur educational toy that your kid should have for both mental and physical development.


  • 3-in-1 building set
  • Movable, posable joints
  • Great for education
  • Nice design in the green color scheme


  • Might be too small for some kids.
  • Choking hazard: The pieces are very small.

7. Fisher-Price Imaginext Ultra T-Rex

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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This is an ultimate T-Rex model that would make every other T-Rex toy out there become stale. The Imaginext Ultra T-Rex isn’t something cute that can reach up to your ankle. Instead, it is a child-size assembly model that can easily reach the hip of an adult, and for children, might be the same height as them!

Your kid can interact with it using the three ‘Power Pads’ scattered across its body:

Pull the Power Pad behind its tail to help him take a step forward, like a walking dinosaur toy, along with a roaring sound effect that would make even adults intrigued.

Pull the Power Pad above his left hip to help him rise up to the entirety of his height: 2.5 feet. At the same time, a series of LED lights in his eyes and throughout his spine is turned on, making an awe-inspiring sight in the process.

Pull the Power Pad on his face to open or close his mouth. Once open, he can shoot out projectiles from his mouth. Also, a boulder cannon on his chest can shoot cannonball just like a techno-dinosaur from a sci-fi movie.


  • Huge, relatively lifelike
  • Multiple interactions
  • Great sound and light effects
  • Balls and shooters are cool


  • Cannot move well on carpets
  • Balls might turn dangerous if kids are not careful while playing.


8. Kidwerkz Dinosaur Toys, STEM Learning (106 pieces)

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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Aiming to inspire kids to take on STEM from an early age, particularly engineering, Kidwerkz is a set of plastic dinosaur toys that try to combine the cuteness of toys and valuable pre-schooling lessons.

Multiple pieces can be assembled into three different species of dinosaurs. Your kids will not only be enthralled by the toy’s cuteness but also have the great chance to practice their brain.

Unlike LEGO which is more like snapping parts together following the instructions, Kidwerkz’s dinosaur set requires your kids to use tools like screwdrivers to fit parts together. This helps them familiarize with popular construction tools that, in the future, would be immensely useful if they decided to pursue an engineering interest.

On top of that, this nifty little construction set will improve your kids’ motor and communicative skill (when they build it with friends or parents). Besides, their creativity will be enhanced thanks to a color book that your kids could create their own stories within. Giving their dinosaur product the appropriate stories that they would need to be ‘real’.


  • Very educative
  • Requires assembly, particularly with tools that would train children in engineering
  • Comes with a coloring book to develop creativity
  • Multiple options for dinosaurs and colors
  • Cheap


  • Suitable for older kids only (5+).
  • Not high-quality plastic


9. Kids Imaginative Dinosaurs Small & Large Plastic

Best Robot Dinosaur Toys
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Another set of dinosaur toys and another good choice for your kids! But the greatest thing about this package is that it includes up to 12 different dinosaurs. They are T-Rex, Triceratops, Velociraptor, Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Euoplocephalu, Tyrannosaurus, Apatosaurus, and so on. The colors are also varied with green, blue, red, pink, purple, yellow, etc.

By teaching your kids to read each dinosaur’s name, you can train their spelling skill. At the same time, learning to identify the color of each also improves their coloring skills a lot.

Kids of all ages can play with and benefit from those toys, but they’re most recommended for kids of 3 years old or older. By participating in fun and realistic activities, your kid can cultivate many comprehension and learning concepts.

In addition, the toys are non-toxic with no BPA and lead, so they’re completely safe. Even if your kids have a bite of the toys, nothing bad will happen. Besides, there are no tiny removable parts, so the likelihood of swallowing will be eliminated.


  • 12 different dinosaurs
  • Various colors
  • Great tool for training kid’s spelling and coloring skill.
  • High-quality and safe plastic


  • They’re easy to become boring.

Although dinosaurs are the creature of history that even predated early humans, their legacy lives on forever. For kids, they’re both educating and amusing with their energy, awe-inspiring form, and the fact that they’re multi-ton awesomeness in general.

While some are designed to be pretty aggressive and not a good choice for girls or young kids, many are made to be great dinosaur educational toys that help kids improve both physical and mental skills. But anyway, the choice is yours. You’re parents and you know what is best for your children!

Top 9 Best Robot Dinosaur Toys for Kids
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