16 Best Brain Games For Kids

Have you been worried about your kids? Are you looking for something to keep them busy and develop them positively? Well, I’ve got you covered. You are just at the right place.

It is very tiring and disappointing having to watch your kid’s every move. Seeing them sit down and watch cartoons is not only unhealthy but also a waste of your resources as a parent.

You dread that and all you just want to see is your kids getting themselves involved in some healthy and productive activity or game. You choose to distract them by asking them to read a given book, one of your favorite collections, but to your disappointment, they do not have even the slightest interest. Do not get mad, they are kids anyway, so don’t expect them to love your hobbies. Try to consider brain games that will not just keep them distracted but also help them positively develop their

Why brain games?

Children absorb easily what they learn when they practically do it Games are among the most common learning devices inculcated to enhance learning. Brain games are essential as they help in brain stimulation, boosting the concentration levels of the children and enhancing the thinking capabilities of the kids. This, in turn, results in effective and efficient problem solving besides putting their memory their memory into practice. The several brain skills kids acquire while playing these game include:

  • Proper understanding.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Concept learning.
  • Creativity and creative thinking.
  • Thinking in a critical manner.
  • Effective and efficient problem-solving.
  • Self-awareness.
  • Good decision making and judgment.

Below, I have compiled a list of the ten best brain games for kids and where they help most.


1. Maze:

Brain Games For Kids
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– How to play:

This game is quite simple. All you have to do is find the
path to the exit.

– Benefits:

Mazes come in different themes and types to drive away boredom and entertain your kids. They are available in different levels to enhance your kids’ problem-solving skills and thinking faculty. They are challenging, a factor which makes them ideal for brain stimulation and enables your kid to sharpen his or her visual perception skills.

Mazes can be found in several places such as parks, some mobile apps and maze books.

2. The Game (based on EMMY-NOMINATED TV SERIES):

Brain Games For Kids
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– How to play:

Played between three and six players. The first player to complete the four challenges, logic, language, vision, mind and body emerges the winner.

– Benefits:

This game greatly improves language skills and logical abilities of children. It trains the mind to act sharply and accurately making the child think critically in order to emerge victorious at the end.


3. Lumosity:

Designed by researchers in neurophysics, this game helps improve your child’s concentration skills, responsiveness, ability to grasp and be able to remember and flexibility in finding solutions to problems. Lumosity contains more than sixty tasks, all designed with an extremely beautiful user interface that combines science and art into an excellent development game for the brain.

4. Memory Game:

This is a game that focuses mainly on improving your kid’s memorization skills.

Brain Games For Kids
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– How to play:

It aims at revealing the identity of flashcards paired in a similar manner on a grid. The child must be able to remember the precise locations of the cards in order to reveal their identities. Only two cards can simultaneously be removed, with hidden inscribed images. The entire side of the image is only shown when a similar pair of cards is picked.

5. Puzzles:

These are quite good as they boost the concentration of the child and do not necessarily require your presence as a parent to supervise them.
Puzzles require a great eye coordination and critical thinking to work them out, the perfect way of exercising thinking and visual perception skills of the child. This greatly enhances brain development.


6. Ice Cool:

Brain Games For Kids
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This is a game that flicks quite fast with curvy and jumpy pieces. Everybody loves this game. A complete package is in 3D-box-in-a-box concept that has a distinct theme of penguins running all over the school trying to catch some fish. The game is available in both English and French, an ideal language tool for the kids.

This game enhances your kid’s collaboration and associative skills. It enables you as apparent to gauge the responsiveness of your kid, whether they cry when they lose or turn violent. It is, as a result, a good to use to train the child to lose in grace and win in humility.

7. Hide and seek.

Brain Games For Kids
Recommend Hide an Seek Game

Everybody out there either knows about this game or actually played this game. It is ideal for kids with different ages not necessarily those within the same age bracket. The game can be played by an infinite number of players as it only requires the player to point out another who have hidden themselves in a bad spot.

The game enhances the child’s perception skills and judgment, that is, the ability to distinguish between the best and the worst hiding spots. Besides that, this game boosts your kid’s concentration levels, spatial awareness, coordination, motor skills and comprehension.

8. Exploding Kittens:

Brain Games For Kids
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This game is suited for anyone that loves kittens. Generally, it is a game of cards for anyone, both adults and kids, that has a
hologram that makes it authentic. The cards feature illustrations from The Oatmeal. A full box package of the game contains fifty-six cards and instructions on how to play the games. This is a fun game that keeps your kids entertained and wanting to ply more and more of the game. It helps in enhancing creative and critical thinking skills, visual perception and coordination. It is the best brain developer and stimulation tool available for your toddlers.

9. Blocks:

Blocks are among the essential brain games for children.

Brain Games for Kids
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– How to play:

Blocks of different colors and sizes are made available to the kid. The kids then choose what to do with the boxes. A majority, however, choose to build them up and even form several non-similar patterns using the given blocks.

The child’s development aspects are exposed that include color perception, shape and size recognition, creative thinking and creativity. You can give your child a hand by creating simple patterns using the blocks and letting them observe and try to repeat whatever you have done. Through this, your kid’s observation skills are developed to a greater extent.


10. Spy games:

Brain Games for Kids
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There are several spy games in the classic series. They include Spy with my eye little game, Scavenger hunts and Derrick Says’. These are great games to sharpen your children’s minds. They enhance attentiveness, the ability of children to follow instructions, develop their concentration and language skills, and enhance their spatial awareness. These games can keep your children busy for numerous hours.

Certain books are also helpful. Books such as Where’s Waldo’, … are ideal for sharp children. They are able to identify a said item in an environment that is scarce or cluttered and they therefore greatly improve the child’s cognition skills.

11. Sudoku:

Brain Games For Kids
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Are suitable for kids between ages two and ten years old, although can be played by the whole family. They greatly help develop your child’s cognitive skills, solving problems and proper coordination, making them rank among the best brain games for kids.

The puzzles are varied and different and therefore allow for selections as per your preference. We have crosswords, Sudoku, Scrabble and logic puzzles that are brain stimulation tools for kids at any age.

12. Obstacle games:

They mainly jumping, skipping, hopping and running. Obstacle games can simply be set up by the use of simple household items depending on the complexity.

These games help in enhancing your child’s communication skills, coordination, vision and visual perception, solving problems, critical thinking, and motor skills.

There are various versions and categories of obstacle games. If you are planning on setting up one in your home, you can use simple items such as sticks, tables, chairs, pillows, stools, boxes and cushions. Typically, an obstacle should be something that can be sat on, walked on, crawled on or under, thrown, jumped and so on and so forth.

13. Toys:

Brain Games For Kids
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Toys can be the greatest mind games if correctly used Activities such as nesting or stacking toys can greatly develop the mental being of your child. It may appear simple to nest or stack toys but do not let yourself be deceived by that. The movements associated with the stacking and nesting go a long way in helping your child’s motor skills, coordination and balance, visual perception, sequencing and spatial awareness develop. Did you even think it a possibility?

– How to play:

Start with some basic nesting and upgrade depending on the size, color, texture, and labels. However, it is necessary to engage the kid and as such, it is advisable to keep a conversation going as you play this game.

14. Removing Tape:

Removing tape game is a brain stimulating game that requires maximum focus. As is usually the case, one needs to have extreme levels of concentration when playing these games, whether you are playing with someone or just by yourself. This is a very vital brain activity to develop your kid on. This game has some little activity to keep your kids from distraction.

All you need is a single masking tape and a surface.

– How to play:

Stick a strip or several strips of the masking tape on the surface or table making sure that the strips always overlap. Illustrate to your kid how to remove the tapes one after the other by scratching at the ends of the strips using your fingernails. Let the kid try to repeat what you have done without your help. Children love pulling, scratching and pulling things and this is undoubtedly going to be not only an entertaining adventure but also an educational one.

15. Improvised games:

Brain Games For Kids
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 Improvised games such as Chess are the best brain stimulating games on the planet. They also quite entertaining and your children are definitely going to fall in love with these games. There are different such games whose primary goal is to boost the level of confidence of your child, to refine his or her brainstorming skills, enhance observation skills and learning skills, quick decision making and many more They include storytelling, one-word stories, phonics fun and memory game

16. Math Games:

These games are designed to improve the mathematical skills and arithmetic skills of your child. Consolidated skills in mathematics are enhanced by card games. They help the child with number identification, counting, simple mathematical calculations such as adding and subtracting, greater than or less than any other basic skills in mathematics.

Examples of math games are Dice Wars and Spy Cards. In Dice Wars, you need a card and any counting element such as marbles or seeds. The dice is rolled and the number shown by the face of the dice counted using the counting element. The player that gets the highest number on the rolled dice steals a marble from the other players. Whoever attains the highest number of pebbles emerges the winner of the game.

On Spy Cards, all you are supposed to have is a deck of cards without picture cards. All the cards are arranged with the side having the number facing up. A single player says: I am spying with my one little eye on the two cards. It is the responsibility of the other player to find the two cards. If the cards are found, they are removed from the set and the game continues until all the cards are exhausted.

Apart from the above-mentioned games, riddles and classic card games can be used to stimulate the brain of the younger ones. Alternatively, the kids can just be given time and they will come up with their own games. So whenever you see your child showing signs of boredom, just choose one game from a variety mentioned above and you will not only entertain them, but you will also give them a special ingredient to develop on.

16 Best Brain Games For Kids
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